Hotnegi its a name of one village located about 145 rm at South of saint-Petersburg. I have there a little summer hous so sometimes I with my friends visit in weekend or in my vacation for a couple of days - we go fishing there, prepare mostly Russian tradition beef on fire - "Chashlik" - its jast beef betwin onion rounds those thread at metall or wood pices. Looks like barbecue but its dosnt.

  In village Hotnegi very well swimming - because from 150 meters round of house run three not big river. Fishing unfortunaly not well there - because high above in forest  fishermans partition off nets all riverbad. I engry on it - but native peopels dont ask about it nowbody and what they do every week again.

  Alsow in village always in summer  live my parants - mom and stepfather, my grendma too lazy for do this - because she more like her TVset and soup operas there. In Hothegi realy wild flora and founa, very beautiful place for spent time there for weekend or jast all somer time - if you have so big vacation realy 8-)

 At last time I visit Hotnegi with my best friends. Its was 9 th May 2011 - and it was 66 Annivarsary Russian Day of Glory.   So little photo faqua from our trip you can seen in this gallary.