2010 - 2011 NEW YEAR PARTY

New Year 2011

This New Year 2011 I celebrated again in friends company - I think number of invited persons here was  about 15 peopels. Mostly all of them was my very well friends - those I known not one year.

  We comfortable dispose at my house and prepare for celebrating holliday. Its was 31 of Decembere, but for one day before I with two friends going to supermarket with name Lenta, where we byed meal and drink for prepare salads and orrange our holliday table. Price for it was not little - 12 120 rub ( 1 pound = 50 rub, 1 US Dollar = 28 rub). Meybe in you country dear guest it money and not big - but for me, how we said in Russia, for "Poor students" - its prise is compleatly enough for said "yup babe! take me a gun - i wont take a shoote at my head!" 8-))

  So - we byed all meal and drink and go to my  modest flat for prepare holliday table and lirtle drinking when process of prepearing salads.

  In the evening of 31 December 2011, I begin meat all other friends and alsow my brother Ivan. We little celebrating before Hew Year still not come in - mostly because I must be leave my home and company for a 6 hours - jast because i worked DJ in one very nice place in Petersburg - it was Tenkoff Restaraunt. I was on a play from 1.00 am till 5.00 am.

  In Tenkoff was very many peopels, I think about 300 maybe more - for Petersburg city its not a little number of persons. I played diferents stile of musik - from Russian pops till foreighn House and Sinth Pop. Betwin my DJ program progected one Jazz Band - they played very naice live musik - And "Hotel California" was so realistic and jast great sounds for guests ears.

  In 6.00 am I go back from center of the city - where located Tinkoff, to my home - there I found complitely drong friends - and that little dissmised me - because i drink in club very little - because worked there.

  So, anyway, I proced  celebrate with friends and I think in 10 am at 1 January 2011 jast go to sleep in place where I seat - it was armcher in the kitchen. 8))

  When I wake up at 7.00 pm, I not found anyone at my home - all peopel go to they home - but my appartment was clean and woshed by them very carefuly. Thanx for it to my friends - because from all Hollidays be left mountins darty plates, spoons, deads salads and other. If I all this disaster begin fix by myself - I think it takes more than day 8-))

  But, After I wake up at seven, I call to my best friend and go to visit him and him company again for said :" Whell! Lets celebrate New year Again!!"

  So, how all this was and with who I celebrate New Year 2011 you, my dear friends and guests this site now can see in this gallary.

New Year 2010

Hello my dear friends... here you can see a litle pice of my photos maded in  evening of holliday 30 December 2009 and those was finisht at 3 January 2010.

  I celebrate this New Year in friends round and I think it was my best New Year holliday those happan with me ever before.  enjoy